Accounting Services

Business Scope

Recently, more companies have been outsourcing their financial and accounting functions to professional service firms since doing so will enable the companies’ management to divert more of their resources towards their core business.


General Services

Our firm conducts the following set of general services, which include:

1. Inspecting original documents

2. Filling out accounting vouchers

3. Registering accounting books

4. Preparing financial statements

5. Tax declaration

6. Preparing financial reports on a quarterly basis

7. Providing information on the latest financial and tax regulations

8. Daily phone call consultations


Service Features

• Our firm is licensed and protected by law.

• Our firm follows strict rules for checking and inspection.

• Our firm follows strict rules for accounting, book keeping and declaration.

• Our firm is capable of analyzing accounting data to provide recommendations for enhancing management capabilities.

• Our professional team utilizes state-of-the-art accounting software to report accounts online.


Service Commitments

Our firm promises to carry out the following commitments:

• To use the legal version of the Chinese accounting software Kingdee, protect our client’s business trade secrets and abide by accounting standards and professional ethics.

• To diligently carry out accounting duties and produce accurate and timely financial statements and tax returns.

• To reply instantly to the client when the client encounters any accounting issues.

• To assist the client in coordinating with the Chinese State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) and Tax Bureau in accounting matters as well as help the client receive tax inspection.

• To contact the customer to verify any erroneous data before entering it into the books.

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