Financial and Tax Consultation Procedures and Policies

1. Our consultancy is available on a 24-hour basis to answer your company’s queries regarding daily financial, accounting and tax issues that affect your business (If the issue is complex and will require further investigation, a special project will need to be set up to deal with this issue).


a) New laws issued by the Chinese State Administration of Taxation (SAT) will be included in our consulting advice to your company. b) According to your company’s request, we will provide legislation issued by the Chinese SAT in previous years as well as supply advice regarding these acts of legislation.

c) According to your company’s request, we can provide tax-related suggestions over the clauses in the agreement between our consultancy and your firm based on our agreements with our other clients.

d) Consulting reports written for your company must quote relevant laws or attach these laws to the report to justify the legality of the reports’ contents.


2. Our consultancy assists your company in coordinating your relationship with the Chinese Tax Bureau and advising you on properly handling tax matters according to China’s tax collection laws and current conditions nationwide. Doing so will enable you to protect your company’s interests.


3. According to your company’s expectations, our consultancy can provide you a service provider that is highly competent in attending to your consulting needs.


4. Your company can enjoy these two specific privileges: answers to your inquiries over important financial and tax laws and legislation and constant communication and visits by the consultancy to further enhance our relationship with you.


5. While the service is ongoing, should both parties want to initiate and develop a new consulting project, both sides should draw up a special agreement and negotiate over the project’s price.


6. Service is effective beginning from the date of signing. However, contract terms can still be subject to negotiation even after signing.

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