General Financial and Tax Services

1. Tax consultations can be carried out via phone or the Internet; our consultancy has tax advisors to service you all year round.


2. We handle tax registration, changes to your tax registration status and cancellation of that registration; we also handle value-

added tax and other types of tax registration used for determining and verifying the taxpayer’s identity.


3. We handle all types of tax returns and tax payment reports and provide a service for filing tax returns online.


4. We handle tax payments, late fee and overdue taxes; we assist your company in applying for tax reductions, tax breaks, tax deferrals and export tax refunds or breaks; we also help you purchase printed tax stamps.


5. We examine your company’s conditions for paying taxes, audit your tax liability and handle tax settlements; we are also commissioned to conduct annual and individual financial accounting audits on your firm.


6. Through our tax planning service, we help your company achieve minimal tax rates legally and achieve maximum economic efficiency according to your firm’s type and operating features.


7. By fully employing our long and deep experience with tax issues, we assist your company in dealing with tax inspections, controversy, penalties, etc.


8. According to your company’s specific circumstances, we help you apply for eligability under the most preferable tax and tax refund policies issued by the Chinese Ministry of Finance (MOFCOM).


9. We assist your company in coordinating your relationship with the Chinese Tax Bureau head and handle several tax-related matters that involve that head.


10. We produce documents related to taxation and reviews published by the Chinese State Administration of Tax (SAT).


11. We handle matters related to transfer pricing.


Taxpayers and legal representatives can entrust their financial and tax services to our consultancy on a entire, single, temporary or year-round basis based on their specific needs. We are willing to work with the contents, limits of authority and time limit for service stipulated in our agreement with you. Requested services that go beyond the agreement’s range must first be amended to the agreement before signing it into effect.


Financial and Tax Services for Enterprise Representative Office


Our consultancy provides the following set of financial and tax services for your company’s representative office:

1. Setting up registration for representative office

2. Applying for tax exemption

3. Personal income tax registration for local and foreign employees; salary appraisal and writing personal income tax forms and declarations for foreign employees

4. Tax appraisal of representative office

5. Procedures for extending tax submission deadlines

6. Procedures for cancelling registration

7. Accounting and tax returns (fees for this service are paid on a monthly basis)

8. Audit report on annual expenditures (fees for this service are paid on a yearly basis)

9. Coordinating and resolving representative office’s other tax-related matters such as applying for tax reductions and avoiding late fees (fees for this service are dependent on the degree of difficulty for each individual case)

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